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What clients have to say....

Sophie helped clear things up in my mind, peeling the layers so that all those little things that niggled at me were in some way resolved and I become a calmer version of myself. With her warmth, empathy and insight I now like this version of myself.

Lynda, 45, Finchley
Connecting with a therapist is so important for understanding and working through any journey that you may be on. Sophie and I worked well together and through regular, weekly sessions, she understood me, pushed me where appropriate and ultimately enabled me to connect with my inner self and encouraged my strength to work through it with her support. Therapy has absolutely changed my life for the better and i'm grateful for finding Sophie who was always an energy of warmth, support and light.
Natasha, 27, Harringay

When I first went to see Sophie, I felt despairing, destructive, hopeless and lost, but over the course of two years she was able to guide me through a journey of profound change. Despite a complex history of trauma and mental health difficulties, Sophie helped me to explore meaning in both the painful and joyful parts of my life, navigate recovery of my identity and relationships, and find the stability I was seeking. She worked creatively and sensitively with whatever I brought into the room, was always tuned in, and never judgemental. I always felt safe, understood and truly seen.

Amy, 26, London
What other professionals have to say

Sophie is an experienced and competent psychotherapeutic counsellor. She has a particular skill and interest in generational family trauma, motherhood, living with addiction in the family, loss, and bereavement as well as the psychological and emotional struggle of negotiating personal life transition and existential crisis and the impact this has from a ‘soul’ perspective. I would recommend her without hesitation.

Dave Clogg - Professional Counsellor

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