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About Me

I first entered the world of therapy as a client many years ago. From this I have first hand experience of the powerful transformation that can occur in therapy. I understand that talking about personal issues can be demanding, yet exciting, healing and transformative. I hope to use my experience to support you, as the client, through your journey of self discovery, learning new skills, learning to understand yourself better and to work towards what it is that you want and need from therapy.

Sophie Spiegler (Dip – MBACP)

Choosing who you want to work with is a personal choice and I hope to give you an insight into how I work and who I am.

I am passionate about my work and believe we all have the opportunity to live an emotionally healthy life. I believe that with new awareness of ourselves and new ways to cope, we can manage our life and family life well, in a way that works for each of us.

I have over 13 years experience of counselling and mentoring, working with both adults and young people. I draw on both personal and professional experience in my work. My experience includes but is not limited to:

  • Depression
  • Post natal depression
  • Low self esteem
  • Domestic violence & sexual abuse
  • Childhood neglect
  • Emotional abuse
  • Communication difficulties
  • Sexuality
  • Self harm
  • Children of addicts
  • Trauma
  • Divorce
  • Infidelity
  • Loneliness
  • Self harm
  • Family separation
  • Death of a loved one

My Training and interests

I trained as a transpersonal integrative psychotherapeutic counsellor, at Re-Vision, an holistic model which incorporates mind, body and soul. Combining a spiritual perspective with down to earth skills, influences include models such as: Gestalt, Neuroscience, Psychodynamic, dream analysis, art therapy, family systems and body therapy.

I am also trained as a play therapist and have experience of working with primary school aged children.

I am trauma informed which means we work with awareness of the impact of trauma on the body, being cautious to avoid overwhelm and build resources to manage painful feelings. This may mean traumatic events are not spoken about directly for quite some time, if ever. This way of working is based on the leading and most up to date knowledge of trauma and it’s impact.

I am passionate about reducing the stigma of mental health in society and enjoy writing about this and other issues we face in today’s society, incorporating up to date research and discoveries. Please see my¬†blog here.

I am a member of the UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) where I hold a full clinical membership and a registered member with the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).

Professional development through regular training & education

  • Family systems – The roles we play in family life and how we take these out into the world
  • Neuroscience – I keep abreast of up to date research, as more is learnt and discovered about how we grow and develop as humans, we make steps towards understanding how to heal.
  • Somatisation – Often, our emotional experiences can manifest in physical pain, and by understanding our bodies better, we can work towards a more rounded feeling of health.
  • Culture & society – We are all part of a family, both our immediate family, the community within which we live and the wider society. Understanding its influence on us can help us grow in understanding how we are impacted.

Please see my resources page where I have shared what I have found most helpful in the healing journey. My interests outside of the field of counselling include:

  • Walking in nature
  • A regular physical practice including yoga
  • Staying connected with family & friends
  • Travel
  • Reading

If you are considering whether counselling is right for you, please get in touch.

Working hours

I have both day time and evening slots available. I also have limited slots available on a Saturday morning.


Phone: 07731 582500

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